PERSONAL BRANDING - Elegant Posing Workshop – for new female models and Sophisticated women
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This insightful workshop will help budding and aspiring new models and Sophisticated women to develop your confidence and put energy to your photos, thus boosting your appearance and attractiveness to your viewers.


Creates poses in front of the camera that look effortless, pleasing to the eyes and beautiful moments for yourselves and the viewers

Transform your image to be a work of art
Discover the importance of your body posture and body language in your photos
Discover the secrets of elegant posing

Who should attend: Aspiring new models or ladies to develop fashion sense and posing skills for Photography.

Trainer: Angelica Ang
Miss Angelica runs a modelling company for the last 8 years and she has been working with hundreds of models and used to act in TV Dramas and Movies. Miss Angelica is truly an expert in posing for the camera. She will guide you step by step, with easy to follow instructions to achieve elegant posing.

There will be an introduction to Personal Grooming for photo shoot, covering Wardrobe-Personal Figure Analysis, Colour Analysis.

Trainer: Zayden Ng
Mr Zayden has more than 15 years of grooming training & workshop for Beauty Pageants, Models & Talents Agencies, corporate events, choreographer for product launches in Singapore and Malaysia.
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We will help you to identify your best angle for the camera.


Total duration: 2 hours per session

1 hour Pose Training Workshop

1 hour Grooming Training Workshop

Cost Fee: $58 nett per candidate
(Usual rate: $150)

Contact Number: +65 8139 8895

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Payment Term: DBS Current Account No 048-903728-8

DBS Account Name: Stardom Entertainment Pte. Ltd.